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 How Stuff Works gets it right

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BerichtOnderwerp: How Stuff Works gets it right    do aug 15, 2013 3:49 pm

How Stuff Works gets it right


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I've sometimes worried that the term "polyamory," as it moves from a niche subculture into mainstream use, might become just a trendy word for old-fashioned cheating or dogging around.

I'm less concerned these days. Polyamory's meaning as an honest, ethical, transparent version of non-monogamy — based on ideals of love, respect, and concern for everyone all around, with at least "the full knowledge and consent of all concerned" — is becoming entrenched in popular usage. That's thanks to a lot of accurate media treatment and in particular, examples being set by you readers.
Dat is ook mijn indruk. Polyamory word nu meer en meer geassocieerd met kwaliteitsrelaties in plaats van er op los neuken.
De media artikels beginnen meer en meer nauwkeurig polyamory te beschrijven.
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How Stuff Works gets it right
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