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BerichtOnderwerp: Polyamorous percolatios   zo feb 15, 2009 6:14 am

Een Engelse site, maar zeer uitgebreid op vlak van informatie.
Veel van de zaken die ik overal heb verteld kom je hier terug tegen maar iets anders geformuleerd.


Je vindt echt tonnen en tonnen en tonnen goede informatie, wel in het Engels.

Dit is een voorbeeld:

I am currently seeing someone behind my spouse / partners back...
I'm going to suggest a Poly lifestyle to fix this. Stop right there! If you're cheating on the person you have chosen to love, honor, and cherish, don't even consider trying the Poly approach. As I've stated earlier, Poly is a family unit...families are based upon trust and fidelity, Poly does not mean cheating or swinging. If you cheated on your spouse / partner and now you find yourself in love with two people who don't know that the other exists...this is not Poly. What you're doing is called an affair, and chances are that one or more of the people involved in this affair are not going to take kindly to your proposed solution. If you feel brave enough to approach the subject then feel free, but be prepared for the consequences of your actions.

Nog een ander voorbeeld:

What sort of people are polys?
People of different ages, backgrounds and from all walks of life are polyamorous. In general, there seems to be a higher than average representation of people with advanced degrees, science fiction fans, computer and health care professionals, pagans and bisexuals. Some people fall into none of these groups. Polys are a pretty diverse bunch, but there are a few common traits and beliefs.
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Polyamorous percolatios
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